Custom Data Collection, Workflows and Reporting

Fully customised data views, automated analysis, exports and reports matched exactly to your specifications

Data Analysis & Custom Automated Reporting

We work closely with organisations to streamline their data, saving them time and money through the use of our innovative and unique in house software solutions.

We can conduct AI analysis of collected data, and combine data from multiple sources to build a big picture, with real time dashboards and reports, customised for specific roles within your organisation.

Automation working for you

Why spend many hours producing monthly reports, when our systems can create exactly what you need, in real time and with the click of a button. 

Set up and manage users who can each have access to their own configurable dashboard suited to their individual workflow.

End to End Service

We have all of the facilities to provide you with a managed service from start to finish.  We can also set up administrative features for you, so you can have manage any aspect yourself if you prefer.






Dashboards designed around your needs

As all of our systems are built in house, we can update our systems and add widgets to provide exactly the functionality you need without having to compromise on layout.

Dashboards can capture key information you’d like to display to your organisation members, while we can also provide downloadable PDF or Excel reports.  If there’s any other format or need you have, we can add it into our system for you.

Branded and white labelled online data collection forms

We can create and manage the whole process for you, or set up facilities for you to manage and create your own forms.  All forms can be branded and laid out to your specifications.

We can set up forms for anything you need to collect data for.  Customer feedback, job applications, and more.

Data can be extracted from third parties

Providing we have a way of downloading or accessing data from third party sources, we can make use of that data.  We can use multiple methods to analyse the data, including user answers, contact information, and AI systems.  Data from multiple sources can be rolled together to produce reports.

All data is stored inside of the European Economic Area

To comply with UK data laws, no data is stored outside of the EU economic area.  All data is stored and secured via encryption.  You can be assured that Surveyi is a safe platform on which to store your data.

Unlimited users for your organisation

At Surveyi, we don’t want you to feel constrained in any way regarding the number of users you need.  Every individual who uses Surveyi can have their own logon, and can be assigned their own custom dashboards based on their role.

Each user can be assigned specific dashboards, each with custom reports and downloads.

Custom Post Report Workflows

What you do with your information is even more important than collecting it and being aware.  At Surveyi, we can set up custom post collection and report processes with actions for specific users within your organisation.

These might be linked to your contacts, such as integrated and reportable follow up actions for specific users or groups of users.

Your Own Branded Portal

For those who would prefer to keep everything separate from our main system, we can offer your own entire installation of the Surveyi portal, complete with your branding and running on your own servers and domain.

This is an enterprise solution for clients who may wish to keep all of the data stored at a specific location, or those who have multiple clients of their own to whom they wish to provide bespoke solutions.